Quickly Delight Customers on Your Lunch Break With Inbound Marketing

November 14, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

inbound marketing lunch breakMaking all the green lights and getting to work early. An uncluttered inbox. Noticing a coupon in your email for a free cup of coffee because you have an uncluttered inbox. An unexpected positive review from a customer. These are all delightful things. Hitting all the red lights on your way to work. Wasting an hour sifting through spam in your inbox. Realizing your free cup of coffee coupon expired. A customer complaint on social media. These are un-delightful things. If you’re a small business owner who strives to have a company full of passion and provision, you need to start using inbound marketing to delight your customers. In fact, you can quickly and easily start planning how to do that today on your lunch break.

Craft an email

Take a real lunch break, grab a sandwich, shut your door and sit down at your computer. You’ve already caught your customer’s attention – now keep them interested. A lengthy newsletter is too stressful. You don’t have time to put together a multiple-email campaign. But you can easily bust out a quick update about cool things going on in your industry right now, share a customer success story, or offer a promotion of some kind. You have the email addresses, you have the software, all you have to do is write the content and click send. Piece of cake!

Connect on social media

Do you only have 15 minutes to spare in your schedule for lunch today? Grab some trail mix from the vending machine and log in to the social media account where you have the most engagement. Connect with your customers there by asking a question, sharing a relevant news article, giving a shout out to a customer or member of your staff, or posting a cute photo of your office dog. People like that kinda stuff. No pun intended Facebook users.

Conduct reconnaissance

Are you not even taking a lunch break today? Use that free coffee coupon you found in your email, grab a cup, and make your rounds in the company. This isn’t inbound marketing per se, but it’s still important. You’re doing recon to make sure your company is delivering on what it promises. Take a minute or two to check in with key players in your small business to see how things are going. Or sit down, log in to your inbound marketing software, and check out a quick report to get an idea of where your company stands at that moment. One of the best ways to retain the customers you have now is to deliver on your promises so that you keep growing your business. Your customers will keep coming back and they’ll tell their friends about you too.

If you want to start learning more right now about how using inbound marketing will delight your customers, download the free guide below or contact us at Half a Bubble Out. We’re a Passion & Provision company and we’re ready to help you get started today.


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