One Marketing Tip to Amp Up Your Small Business & Excite Employees

March 25, 2015 / by Chris Vande Lune


Alright, so you run your small business day in and day out. You want to have exciting goals and motivated employees. You want to see employees achieving key milestones and enthusiastic about success. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like the goals of your business just aren’t tangible or exciting enough, and day to day accomplishments aren’t tied to the big picture. Here’s one thing you can start doing now that will help you be more efficient, and also can help to engage employees and keep them involved.

That One Thing to start NOW

Excited yet? Well here it goes. The one thing you should be doing (that you probably aren’t) is measuring the amount and dollar value of the quotes you give out. In terms of efficiency measurement this is great because it’s easy to track, and gives you a new way of looking at your marketing so you will know where to improve.

Why on Earth Would I WANT to Do This?

Consider the following example. If your small business 1,000 jobs in one year and close 10% of them, you have 100 jobs. Let’s say that the next year you quote 2,000 jobs and only close 6% of them for a total of 120 jobs performed. If you strictly look at how many jobs you performed, then all you will see is a successful increase in the number of jobs. What you won’t see, is that your employees doing the quoting did twice the work, and for some reason not as much business is coming from the quotes. Measuring quotes increases insight.

Making it FUN

So this all seems technical and high level, admittedly. Will your employees be on board and excited? If you do it right, yes. Once you are tracking the quotes, you can:

  • Start a contest and give rewards or recognition to the person with the most quotes processed.
  • Reward the entire company for overall goals, such as higher closure rating on quotes.
  • Or, if you discover that overall it is more worth it for your small business to perform fewer higher end jobs, put average quote value as a metric to watch.

With the right incentives, this can be fun and motivating and really help employees have clear direction and get on boardExcitement and efficiency, does it get any better than that? The best part is, you can start doing this now.

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