Client Spotlight: Adler Footcare Supports Anna Runs America

June 24, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

anna runs americaWe always have people asking us exactly what we are doing here at Half a Bubble Out. Well, the truth is we do a bundle of things. But, most recently we’ve been involved in something really cool, and we want to tell you about it!

We have a client in New York who is a podiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey Adler. Along with being his marketing and advertising agency we also act as his public relations team and are always on the lookout for things that will benefit him and his business but also certain movements and causes he can get involved in and support.

This is where it gets really cool.

Dr. Adler has become a recent sponsor for a woman named Anna Judd who is running across the United States to support veterans.

That’s right, you heard us correctly—the entire country. Anna is running from Southern California to New York, specifically to the spot where the Twin Towers once stood, in support of veterans.  Anna runs around 40 miles every single day, with Sundays off, where she not only runs but carries 22 rocks in a backpack to symbolize the amount of veterans who reportedly commit suicide each day. As Anna makes her way through different towns across America she invites veterans in the area to run alongside her for a couple of miles.

Here at Half a Bubble Out we saw that this was a way for us to support a cause from many different angles. Finding this opportunity for our client, Dr. Adler, has not only been good for him and his business but also for Anna who will receive free podiatry care upon her arrival to New York and tips to keep her feet healthy along the way. As more of us become involved we are all helping in the way of spreading awareness for what Anna is running for—veterans.

Here at Half a Bubble Out we are all about helping, support and spread awareness of a good cause as we look for ways to give back to our community whether it’s locally or nationally.

We just wanted to share this experience with all of you and encourage you to check out what Anna is doing! Hopefully it will inspire you as much as it has inspired us.

It’s rather amazing and this girl can run!

Now it’s time for us to get back to what we do everyday, looking for the next opportunity for our clients when it comes to reputation and growth of their business—such as Dr. Adler’s.

Have a great day!

You can see her website here: Anna Runs America

Follow her journey on Facebook here: Anna Runs America Facebook

Check out some of these neat shots from Anna's journey thus far:

 anna runs america

 anna runs america

anna runs america

anna runs america

anna runs america

anna runs america

anna runs america(Photos Courtesy of Miss Robot Photography)

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