What Do Beer Mugs and Marketing Have in Common?

June 27, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins


beer glass marketingWhat does something so cool and fundamental as a beer glass have to do with marketing your business? You might be surprised to find out that your favorite beer is presented in a very specific way. Beer marketers are getting down to the details and matching glass styles with the beer they represent. Why? They have done the research behind presentation and have perfected which glass pairs best with beer. In their commercials and print ads you will see their wonderful ads presenting your favorite beer in a specialty mug. This presentation is a great example of how important marketing and presentation are for any company.  


Is Your Business a Pint or Challice?


These are all different types of beer glasses. The pint is known for its thick glass, stackability, and sturdine; with a large mouth. It’s easy to drink out of and keeps the beer cold with minimal foaming head retention. The chalice on the other hand is a thin walled, short bowl with a wide opening. The chalice encourages wide surface area for fuller volatile release of your beer and it showcases the depth and color of the beer. Who would have thought there was that much thought into choosing a beer glass?

Marketing With Personality 

Heineken redesigned its branded glassware four years ago. The company takes pains to educate bartenders on why its glasses are superior. Sales documents point out that the 20 ounce “Star Glass” has a wider top diameter to “give the beer space to develop a proper head.” While a curved beer glass showcases the long flow of a beer and allows it to swirl in the glass. 




Your marketing and website should be like Heineken and Stella. No we’re not suggesting you start advertising beer, but you should be paying attention to your marketing by having a message that matches well with the style and personality of your business. Especially your website. Your website is like the glass that serves a beer. It should position your business in the best possible light, highlighting your benefits, features, and personality.


Is your business fun, flirty, and playful…maybe you’re a Stange glass.

Are you a bit more serious, and professional…You’re probably a Snifter glass.

Maybe your crafty, artsy, and creative…that sounds like a Pilsner.

Get a list of 10 beer glasses to compliment your favorite beer. 


meme resized 600The fact of the matter is, no two businesses are exactly alike. There is a common thread from the owner/founder, to the people who work there that make it unique. At Half a Bubble Out we urge you to bottle up that unique spirit and translate it to your marketing. We know marketing can give most business owners a headache, just like too much beer. If you're feeling a migrane coming on you should read create leads not headaches


Really want to know what type of marketing is right for your business? Give us a call, and we can talk over a pint glass. If you're not thirsty yet, check out our blogs on Internet Marketing for Business. You could even  read them while sipping from a Chalice. 







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