Motivate Your Employees & Double Your Net Income: 10 Stats to Light a Fire

June 20, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

happy motivated employeesIs your business making money, but your employees are unhappy? You're not alone, because 70% of U.S workers are not engaged at work, and it has been proven that un-motivated employees can actually decrease a business's performance and profits - and that is a scary thought! We have compiled 10 stats on employee motivation and engagement that will knock your socks off.



10 Reasons You Should Care About Your Employee's Motivation:

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement


"Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly." 
--Stephen R. Covey



How Can You Change Employee Motivation? 

There are a lot of ways to inject happiness into your workplace, but the first place to start is with yourself and your managers. Consider reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Steven Covey does a great job organizing steps on how to be highly effective. He uses 7 steps 1) Be Proactive, 2) Begin with the end in mind, 3) Put First Things First, 4) Think Win-Win, 5) Seek First to understand, then be understood, 6) Synergize, 7) Sharpen the Saw. Click for more on Steven Covey’s book. 

If you want your business to be as profitable as possible, then you need to spend some time thinking about your employees. Create a strategy to keep them engaged with your company, and happy. At Half a Bubble Out we take employee happiness very seriously. We know that happy, engaged employees are what make a business thrive. Check out this video.

If you are interested in learning more about employee engagement contact us today.

"The only lifelong, reliable motivations are those that come from within, and one of the strongest of those is the joy and pride that grow from knowing that you've just done something as well as you can do it." 
--Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford-Mason

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