Create Leads Not Headaches – Hire an Expert for Your Marketing

May 24, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

marketing headache resized 600Let’s face it, your marketing stinks. You know it, and so do your customers. This is partly because you are trying to do all of your marketing on the cheap and in house. Sure that might work for awhile, but if you're really serious about generating more business then it’s time to change.


When I say your marketing I mean anything you do to generate leads for your business. This could include your website, ads, television, radio, etc. These marketing tactics have a single goal, get you more business. If they are failing it is because you're not doing them right. This is why it’s important that you hire an expert instead of trying to do it all on your own.


3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert to Grow Your Business


1. Your return on investment will improve

If you're trying to do all your marketing in house then you might have run into a few problems, such as lack of time, resources, and good help. A marketing agency can solve these problems. Instead of wasting your resources and time on internal marketing, use your money to hire an expert. You will most likely save money in the long run.


2. You will get more customers and use your time wisely

Ask yourself this very important question: Is your marketing giving you the results you want? If the answer is no, or you're not even sure how many leads you're getting from marketing, then there is a problem. Hiring a marketing agency will insure you know exactly what your marketing dollars are getting you. You will get monthly reports on website visits, leads, customers, calls, and more! Plus your agency can provide you with a detailed budget outlining the allocation of your funds. 


Plus you don’t want to be like these guys: 





3. An expert knows more about marketing

What type of business do you run? What responsibilities do you already have? If you're like most business owners then the list is endless. So why add another job on top of the one you're already doing? It’s just not smart. By hiring an agency for your marketing you will lift the responsibility off your current employees and yourself. Allowing you more time to actually run your business instead of worrying about marketing budgets, ads, and website details. Below are a few things we know a lot about that can help your business grow:


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Take the High Road 

Marketing is complicated, time-consuming, and can be expensive if not managed correctly. This is why we stress the importance of hiring a third party to help market your business. If you choose to invest in your marketing you will reap the rewards. If not you will continue to get the same or worse results.


If you're tired of failing at marketing, and want marketing that creates leads not headaches, then make the smart decision and hire Half a Bubble Out. We know marketing, and we have the time to take care of you.  Contact Us Today! 

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