Learn the Truth About What Makes A Good Website

May 30, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

a heart is what makes a good websitePeople are what make a good website. Without people the Internet would be a dark and somber place. Facebook would be nothing without the millions of people who add pictures of their children, family videos, and share what they do day to day. Those people light up the technical side of the Internet, and give life to website code and CSS style sheets. This is also true for your own website. If no one is visiting and using your website then it isn’t living, and it isn’t working for your business.


Think of it this way, your website is a living breathing extension of your company. Like a salesperson it can discuss product options, inform interested people about your services, and even close the deal by producing a sale. However, if you perform absolutely no marketing for your business, and are not generating traffic to your website then you're pretty much cutting off food and water to your #1 sales employee. As a result your website will not get you more leads and it will have no way of giving your business more customers.


Feed Your Website and Attract Life! 

Food is a necessity for any living thing. A website is no different; its heart is your company and you, but if you don’t feed it, it will die. What type of food should you be feeding it so that your website becomes a lean mean lead generating machine?



Content can be in the form of company blogs, e-mails, website pages, online newsletters, videos, etc. This type of content will feed your site and help it attract as many potential customers as possible. Without regular, RELEVANT, content your site will soon become a mummy. Collecting dust, moths, and not customers.


Water Your Site and Quench Its Thirst what makes a good website flow

Water hydrates, lubricates, and helps move things from one place to another. Your website is meant to work seamlessly, providing visitors with one cohesive message that flows through your website. There should be no friction in the delivery of this message. That is why we highly suggest workflows, CTAs, Offers, and other Inbound Marketing solutions as to what makes a good website.


Inbound Marketing is the constant stream of water keeping your business in the green. Inbound Marketing tactics will help visitors graduate into leads, leads commit to customers, and customers become walking talking referrals. Without a strategic inbound marketing plan your customers will dry up. 

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