Real Content Creation is The Key to Internet Marketing

April 12, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

internet marketingIn today’s competitive world as business owners and professionals in our industry we are always looking for how to get ahead and beat out our competitors, right? Sometimes it completely takes us over and we forget about what’s most important in the internet marketing world: real content.

There’s always new content creation and internet marketing software coming out saying it’s the next big thing or will solve the issue of having to write every day or will automate your posts, etc. Ok, that’s cool to have technology that does that but sometimes it goes too far. Automation is OK to an extent.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the same frustrations that my team and I have. There’s so much junk anymore on the web that you just hope for real, good content. Really good content cannot be automated or produced at mass by some company in India, it has to be nurtured and have some creative influences by real people.

Which brings me to talk about a recent blog post by Copyblogger, which describes a ground breaking new software that will take your content creation to the next level. Well, it ended up being a joke the entire time, which I caught on to right away—especially since the name of this new breakthrough resource was “RealWriter.”

No matter how blatantly obvious that is and their constant snark and sarcasm throughout the entire blog post people still thought this was a real thing and were commenting on where and how they could get this product! Ha!

I highly suggest you give this blog post a read not only for the humor factor but also to see how real content should be written! Copyblogger always does a great job at writing really good content. Also, once you’ve read it to the end follow the link to their Google+ page to see the comments of people who actually think this was a real product! Oh, the irony.


Announcing: A Breakthrough Resource For Your Content Creation


Posted by Sonia Simone, Copyblogger



Finally, after years of clumsy, clunky automated tools for “spinning,” scraping, regurgitating, and extruding low-quality content, we’ve found a solution.


This resource produces sharp, smart, audience-engaging content every time. Over time, it even calibrates itself to produce more effective headlines, to tailor content to the precise needs of your audience and customers, and to automatically generate semantically relevant alternative keyword phrases.


We’re calling this resource RealWriter — and if you don’t implement it for your

content marketing program, you’re missing out.

RealWriter offers some incredible improvements over earlier content automation solutions.


RealWriter is optimized to create content that audiences care about


RealWriter uses advanced algorithms including RealEmpathy, RealResearch, and RealListening to craft content that actually makes your audience more engaged and helps them develop positive emotional associations with your company.


In fact, regular use of RealWriter can create a 743% lift in your audience’s connection, enjoyment, skin tone, cardiovascular fitness, and satisfaction with life choices. *


RealWriter’s sophisticated technology allows for deployment of stories, metaphors, analogies, and extreme right-brain no-seriously-where-the-heck-did-that-come-from insights.


And all of this is included with the cost of your RealWriter install.


RealWriter is a Google-endorsed resource


Google’s spam team has made it clear — if you’re using anything other than RealWriter to craft your content, you’re doing it wrong.


RealWriter (and especially RealWriter Professional Edition) will make a dramatic improvement in your site’s SEO. It’s so important that RealWriter is recommended by every reputable SEO firm as a resource that you cannot afford to do without.


Clumsy, ugly, badly optimized gibberish is a thing of the past with RealWriter.

In fact, RealWriter will probably be compelled to go back and correct your old horrible content to RealWriter standard — because some of that stuff makes RealWriter really, really twitchy.


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