Why is Social Media Important? Ask Your Grandma

March 31, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

why is social media important If you ask your grandma, grandpa or any person over the age of 55, "why is social media important?" they will most likely all have a similar answer: to stay in contact with those you have relationships with.

As a business owner or the manager of a business, you should keep this in mind. Isn’t this what social media is all about—relationships? It tends to get lost easily in today’s money hungry, competitive world.

While for most people, it is a bit different than the relationship a business has with its customers and clients, it’s still all about building and nurturing those relationships. After all, these “mature adults” who we often think don’t know much about social media may be on to something! They are one of the fastest growing demographics on social media platforms, specifically Facebook.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some data from a study by Pew Research Center:

  • Almost three quarters (72%) of online U.S. adults use social networking sites. -Pew Research Center
  • Those ages 65 and older have roughly tripled their presence on social networking sites in the last four years—from 13 percent in the spring of 2009 to 43% now. –Pew Research Center

So what is it that we can learn from our grandma and gramps when it comes to social media?

Some steps on how to be relational on social media:

Ask Questions

When you’re posting something whether it be a photo or a blog post, ask a question to allow your fans to interact with you and the post. Ask their opinion, what they think about something or to chime in on a discussion. It’s important to make them feel like their opinion matters.

Engage With Your Fans/Followers

Grandmas, grandpa, aunts, you name it, have got this part on lock. They are pros when it comes to engaging with people on social media. Sometimes as professionals and businesses we forget that it’s actually not all about us. That means share other people’s content, like other posts and stop talking about yourself all of the time!

Praise other people’s work and I guarantee they will end up doing the same in return.

Get a Little Personal

As we all know, our older relatives aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what’s on their mind and sometimes it is a TMI (too much information) moment. With that said, there are limits of course, especially when posting to a social media network for your business. However, say you have an employee who has just been promoted, you took pictures at the staff Christmas party, or it’s someone’s birthday in the office—share it with your fans on social media. They LOVE that kind of stuff. You know why? It’s relatable. It makes you look like real people and not just another business.

For example, we have an office dog at Half a Bubble Out named Backup. We share some of her daily adventures every week and people love it! Who doesn’t love pictures of a cute dog, right?

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, it doesn’t have to be business talk 24/7. However, of course, keep it relevant and professional. It may be smart to have some sort of strategy planned out as well, so that everyone in the office is on board and knows what is OK to post when it comes to social media. Lastly, have fun! If your content is super boring, most likely you won’t have a very good social media presence.

If you have any questions, like why is social media important, don’t be afraid to ask! We’d love to help!

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