Signs You Need to Stop Asking "Why Blog" and Just Do It

February 22, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Why BlogWe are firm believers in blogging. Sometimes we can’t believe that some people are still asking the question “Why blog?” As an inbound marketing agency we have seen first hand the positive effect that blogging can have on your business.

There are so many advantages for your business when it comes to blogging that it seems as if all of them cannot be simply listed and explained in one single blog. On a broader spectrum blogging is beneficial for your business because it:

  • Establishes a relationship with readers
  • Helps convert prospective leads to customers
  • Offers helpful information
  • Increases your SEO rankings
  • Increases your credibility as a business
  • Gives you content to share socially
  • Increases website visitor engagement

If you aren’t blogging and are wondering why you should or are just reaffirming the reasons behind why you are blogging I highly suggest you give this article a read. Most or all of your questions and doubts will be addressed in the article. This is also a good article to read if you’re just in a rut and are having a hard time pushing out blogs and being creative.


11 Signs Your Business Is In Dire Need of Blogging

Posted by Helen Nesterenko, Business 2 Community

Does it feel like your business is stuck in a bit of a marketing rut? Are you frustrated with the same old direct mail or email campaigns, and struggling to prove the ROI of your outreach? The solution to your problem might be business blogging – or creating more content if you’re already on it. It’s the single most-effective way to

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Improve your SEO
  • Position your brand as a thought leader
  • Improve relationships with prospects and customers!

If you’re not convinced that your company stands to benefit, here are 11 surefire signs that you desperately need to start business blogging:


1. You’re Sick of Not Seeing ROI

If you’re sick of struggling to determine the worth of your marketing, you’re not alone. It’s notoriously difficult to quantify the return on investment of direct mail, radio advertising, and other forms of traditional advertising – so challenging that it’s in fact prohibitive for many small businesses to build the necessary quantitative models.

 However, inbound marketing methods are much easier to track, and they’re more effective. HubSpot research has found that 93% of brands using outreach that includes business blogging see fast returns on website visitors:

blogging graph    image credit: HubSpot

It’s easy to monitor, evaluate, and analyze your business blogging metrics in real time, allowing you to make immediate decisions and know just how effective your outreach is.

To learn more about just how easy it is to monitor the success of content marketing, we recommend Blogging Metrics: How to Find and Apply Actionable Intelligence.

2. Your SEO Stinks

If you’re still relying on antiquated SEO methods like keyword stuffing, cloaking or purchasing links, it’s no wonder you’re not ranking well in search. Google’s algorithm has changed drastically and quickly over the past several years, culminating in the Hummingbird rewrite late last year. Recent surveys of leading SEO experts continue to indicate that the only guaranteed way to improve your rankings is with quality business blogging:

SEO blogging graph 

       image credit: somethingdifferent

Writing original articles can allow you to build your domain authority, earn links, utilize keywords, and improve your social media shares – and as the image above indicates, these methods are crucial for ranking better in search.

3. You Need Brand Awareness

Your company could have the best products, pricing, quality, and customer service in your niche – but it doesn’t matter if no one’s heard of you. Successful business blogging is a key to the right kind of exposure. By answering your customer’s questions and earning a position as a trusted authority in your industry, you’ll gain a following, who will in turn share their content with friends. It’s difficult to build brand awareness overnight, and nearly impossible to buy it, but offering value to your target audience is among the best ways to get there.

[Read The Entire Article: 11 Signs Your Business Is In Dire Need of Blogging]

We've seen first hand how successful blogging can be for a business. If you're asking "why blog" and you'd like help blogging for your business, contact us!

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