Why Blog Posts Should Be Shared More Than Once on Social Media

February 6, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

There’s no doubt that blogging consistently is an effective internet marketing strategy to help produce informational and helpful content on your website. However, it doesn’t end after you’ve finished posting a blog. You can’t expect people to just stumble upon it. That’s why we push it out to social media and share the content with friends, colleagues, industry leaders, clients and so on. But, why stop there? To fully get the benefit of your blog posts you should be sharing them more than once on social media. Continue reading to find out why blog posts should be recycled.

Why Blog

Now, there’s a right way to do this and a very wrong way to do this. Recycling quality blogs from your website is completely acceptable however you need to be mindful of how you are doing it.


1. Don’t be spammy or annoying.

2. Space out posting the same blogs.

3. Be relevant.

4. Continue blogging.

5. Change up wording in social media posts.

6. Have a strategy.


Here’s one of the blogs that we would tweet. Each time you repost it make sure you’re switching up the title. For example here are three different potential Twitter posts of the same exact blog post:

3 Reasons Why #Blogs Fail and Others Thrive: via @Halfabubbleout
What Not to Do When #Blogging: via @HalfaBubbleOut
Reasons Why Your #Blog May Be Failing: via @HalfaBubbleOut

WARNING: Just because you have found out that you can recycle posts, do not stop blogging. I repeat, do not stop blogging.

Reasons for Recycling

Reach Different Time Zones (or those who missed it)

Social media, Twitter specifically, is continually updating with loads and loads of new information. If you’re following a fair amount of people it’s easy to miss tweets if you aren’t monitoring the feed 24/7. Chances are over 50 percent of those who are following you missed your tweet. Well, here’s the perfect chance to tweet again a few days later, or a few hours later tweet it again. That decision is one that should be strategized about depending on your industry and your social media strategy. Check out what Buffer did during an experiment with recycling tweets.

Get More Traffic

This reason is pretty obvious. We all want more traffic to our website so that we can generate visitors into leads and leads into customers. Our ultimate goal is to produce some sort of ROI and that starts with your website traffic. When you are pushing your content out more, each time you are upping your chance to be found by a potential client but also, to establish relationships and offer your expertise as an industry professional, and establish credibility. This in and of itself should answer your question of why blog posts should be pushed to social media more than once.

Reach New Followers

Think about all of those new followers you are gaining daily. Darn it, you posted a really awesome blog three days ago and wish they would see it. Are they going to go through your profile and find that article? Most likely not. So, post it again for those who haven’t seen it—just remember to rename it and keep it fresh.

“There is one thing to keep in mind with Twitter. It isn’t an inbox but a stream. So tweet your post several times on the first day. If it is evergreen content then it can be tweeted on a recurring basis. If your content is just tweeted once, it may be and often is missed or forgotten.” (Jeff Bullas)

My advice to you, now that you know recycling is a-ok, is to not take advantage of this. Continue blogging and creating new content. If you simply continue to only post recycled blog posts people who are active on social media will begin to notice and will become annoyed. This may result in you losing followers. So, everything in moderation!

Are you a step behind and are wondering why you should blog in the first place? You may find this post helpful: 4 Reasons You’re Crazy to Ask “Why Blog?”

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