Google Is Using Your Mug, Free of Charge - New Terms of Service Surprise

November 15, 2013 / by Natasha Hawkins

163834303 resized 600Have you heard you may be working for the online giant Google? Sounds pretty amazing, until you realize your name and picture is being used in Google ads, and you're not seeing a dime for it. Is doesn’t sound so good now does it? Don’t worry we have you covered, there is an opt-out procedure you can complete to protect that sexy face of yours. 



Google New Terms of Service Details

On November 11, 2013 Google announced a New Terms of Service, and unless you really pay attention and read the fine print you may be agreeing to something you might regret. Agreeing means Google will have the right to take your name, photo, and product reviews from your Google+ account and turn them into new “shared endorsements.”

This Only Affects Google+ Users

If you have a Google+ account it is very important to undersand this relates directly to you. When you are signed into your Google account you are essentially releasing information on things you +1, comment on, and review. Google's new shared endorsements policy means they can serve up custom ads that will go only to people they know to be your friends, family, and colleagues. Those ads will have your picture and words from you coupled with a promotional message for their paying advertisers.

(Under the new Terms of Service, those who are under 18 won't have any of their material used in shared endorsements.) 

Are you starting to get worried yet? If so, don’t worry. Google did make it easy for you to opt-out of these new terms. You are already opted in by default to this agreement, but by simply unchecking a box you will prevent your online actions from being used by Google.

How to Opt-Out of the New Google Terms of Service

Step 1: Sign into your Google+ Account

Step 2: Click here

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and uncheck the endorsement box and then click save.

You have completed your opt out!

What do you think about Google's idea to use you and your information for shared endorsements?

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