Why Blog? 10 Types of Blog Posts People Click, Read and Love

November 9, 2013 / by Travis Martin

baby readingWhat is the goal of a blog post? It’s to have people click it, read it and love it. In today’s blog I will be highlighting 10 types of blog posts that people enjoy reading most. Not only will this help you with your blog strategy and help answer the question why blog, but will also aid your internet marketing efforts to drive more traffic to your site.

Let’s get right into it…


1.  What’s New

    People are always looking for the “best” new thing out there. We live in a generation where technology is constantly improving and new ideas are flourishing. People want to know what the next big thing is. Do some research on what’s new and try to incorporate it with the theme of your website.

    Why Blog? Because new stuff sells!


    2.  Videos!

      People love watching and interacting with video content especially if it has something to do with famous people or celebrities. Video, no matter what it is can help a blog be more interactive and it actually gets more brownie points from Google as well.

      Why Blog? Because people like to watch stuff!


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      3.  Answers to Questions

        People have a lot of questions, that’s why Google was invented. Blogs that focus on answering specific questions tend to see higher conversion rates. When writing a blog that is for the general public it may attract a lot of traffic, but a blog answering a detailed question will likely see more quality conversions and interactions.

        Why Blog? Because people are looking for answers!


        4.  Ridiculously Awesome Headlines

          Some people will end up reading your content just because you have an interesting headline. I’ve experienced this when going to log into my Yahoo! email and I start reading the top news story headlines. How do you not click on a post when it reads:

          ‘King of gore’ Dinosaur Found

          Best Tweets of All Time

          Old Ingredient, Awesome Cake

          Satellite Set to Crash

          No matter who you are, chances are you might click on one of these titles because it evokes your interest. Be clever with your titles. HubSpot has a best practice that says you should spend about as much time on your headline as on your blog content. Remember, people see the blog title on the Google search results page and not the content of the blog.

          Why Blog? Because people are looking for something to entertain them.


          5.  DIY Projects

            Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a refurbished night stand when you can do it yourself? People love learning how to do different things and if they can do it while saving money it makes them even happier. Try writing a blog post that gives instructions of how to create something yourself that you would normally have to go to a high-end store and buy. People love this kind of stuff.

            Why Blog? Because I’d rather do it myself - it’s more rewarding.


            6.  Make It A List

              People love lists! It’s no wonder that blogs containing the words “Top 10” or “5 Most” receive some of the highest reads. For the most part people love being able to read down a list. This is a methodical mindset and it actually gives people peace of mind when they can easily navigate through a blog, find specific points and move on.

              Why Blog? Because I need quick and precise answers.


              7.  Beautiful Images

                Why is Pinterest so popular? Because it is full of visual content. A study done by Facebook showed that posts that contain photos receive higher interaction from viewers than posts that don't. Same goes for a blog post. Pictures are attractive and stimulating.

                A study done by HubSpot also showed that blogs with pictures of babies, food or baby animals receive the highest click through rate.

                Why Blog? Because people like eye candy!


                8.  Breaking News!

                  Headlines that read “Breaking News” tend to receive a lot of clicks. We’re humans; we want to know what just happened that has the weight to receive the title of “Breaking News." I believe this has to do with our desire to behold valuable information that then gets turned into gossip. This makes us feel good knowing we have an advantage over others and the opportunity to share something new. Just my thoughts.

                  Now, you shouldn’t over use the “Breaking News” headline. Use it wisely and you will build trust with your viewers. In other words, don’t cry wolf if there isn’t one.

                  Why Blog? Because people love being in the know!


                  9.  Contests and Giveaways

                    Who likes free stuff? I know I do. Contests and giveaways are a great way to attract people to your blog. People who know you are a creditable source running a giveaway tend to click and read your content.

                    Why Blog? Because I like to receive free stuff!


                    10.  Compare (Object 1 vs. Object 2)

                      When people are making buying decisions they want to know they’re getting the best deal. What many people will do before they buy a new car, phone, piece of software or kitchen appliance is go online and compare two brands to each other. We do this because there is freedom and satisfaction within options.

                      So, if you’re looking for a quick way to attract readers to your blog try comparing any two things within the same industry. People will thank you for helping them make a decision. Trust me it works!

                      Why Blog? Because I need to know I’m making a good choice.


                      Extra Bonus: Blog Posts People Love (Video)

                      Take a look at this video below. It will give you some tips of how to write Hot Web Content. Let it give you ideas of what people click, read and love. Internet marketing is all about creating content people love. So what do you do? You give it to them!

                      If the video isn’t enough for you try taking a look at this blog from HubSpot “What The Best Business Bloggers Do (And You Should Too)”.

                      Why blog? To share tips, enjoy life, and write with a passion about what you love!  

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