Why Blog if You're a Member of Ghostbusters?

October 25, 2013 / by Natasha Hawkins

ghostWarning: This is one of those witty holiday blogs that mixes reality with unrealistic characters or story telling. Enjoy. 

I was sitting at my desk, coffee in hand, while "Son of a Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield was playing on Pandora, when a random and spontaneous thought came to me. Why blog if you're a member of Ghostbusters? In the 1984 film, Bill Murray and his bumbling ghost detectives needed business, and luckily they stumbled upon a case. But that was just one or two cases, if they were a real business how would they get more customers? It’s not like ghost detective is a common profession and a widely sought service.

So I played this little scenario out in my head and devised a complete blogging plan that would have helped the Ghostbusters get even more business and help more people. Who knows, it might give you a few tips for your internet marketing strategy and help you answer the question, why blog?


If I Were Ghostbusters Internet Marketing Consultant…

Before suggesting social media, YouTube, or PPC, I would start with a blog. A blog is like that huge extension chord that powers the Ghostbusters ghost capturing device. Without it there would be no power and no one would visit their website.

First Step: Research

The first step to starting a blog is the planning stage. Bill and his gang can't just start writing about a bunch of nonsense that their customers won’t care about, they have to write blogs that offer helpful advice on ghosts. This is why I chatted with Bill, Egon, and Raymond over a slice of pizza in New York. What I discovered was very interesting. They told me all about the common questions their customers ask them, how people find them, and they even helped me out with some demographic questions. For exampe, turns out men don’t like to call for help when there is a ghost. They often deny there is a ghost in fear that people will think they are crazy, or worse their girlfriend will think they’re a wimp. They also knew that they get the most calls between 12 a.m and 4 a.m., because that’s when the ghosts really start getting annoying.


How Did All Of This Help Build My Strategy?

At Half a Bubble Out we learn as much as we can about our client's business. That means getting to know what customers are asking, and who their customers are. The information we gain from research helps us build a blogging plan. Why blog? To answer your potential customers questions, and show how knowledgable and helpful your business is through content. Oh yeah, the search engines like blogging too. 

Second Step: Turning Research Into Blogs

Now it’s no secret the Ghostbusters were struggling with money. They were working with really old equipment and driving a mix between a limousine and an ambulance. So their budget for internet marketing is very small, but workable. We have multiple options for blogging, so instead of paying us to write each blog I would enlist Bill Murray and his group of ghost slayers to write 5 blogs every week. The blog would answer common questions about ghosts, ghost hunting, and common signs you are dealing with a ghost. Below you will find a few samples of their helpful and relevant blogs.

Blog Examples From Ghostbusters:

The Tell Tale Signs You're Living With a Ghost

Secrets From Beyond the Grave: Are They Worth Listening To

Elvis is Back – Now Make Him Leave

5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Keep a Ghost

Selling Your House With Ghosts Inside   

7 Signs Your Ghost Hates Your Boyfriend

Naughty or Nice: The Poltergeist Test

Excuses Won’t Get Rid of Ghosts or Get You Business


Now as busy as these Ghostbusters are with cleaning up ghost messes I knew it would be tough for them to stay consistent in writing every week. However, as their internet marketing consultant when then ask why blog, I would remind them that every time they forget to write and post a blog their website traffic would suffer. Put plainly, less website traffic means less leads, less business and more scary ghosts.  

This is why we encourage our customers to stop asking why blog and just write blogs. We watch the website traffic reports and see drastic dips every time a client forgets to write a blog. This is why it is so important as a business owner to place your blog as a high priority in your internet marketing efforts. It may seem small but when done consistently you can create a lead generation engine that is always working for your business. 

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