3 Email Marketing Companies to Assist an Email Marketing Consultant

October 17, 2013 / by Travis Martin

at signWelcome to today’s blog! This blog is specifically designed for an email marketing consultant looking for email marketing software that will create rich looking emails while providing the ability to send out thousands of emails a week to customers and leads.

We will be breaking down, in our opinion, the top 3 email marketing companies and giving you specifics of each including their individual features.

Let’s get right into it…

1.  HubSpot

One of the greatest email marketing software companies out there is HubSpot. It offers a great lead nurturing software that helps you design emails that guide your leads through the sales process.

You are able to schedule out emails, and have a work flow associated with each customer when they fill out a form on your site. As an email marketing consultant, you will love using this tool because once you have created your email work flow, it’s auto pilot from there.

Shameless Plug: We use HubSpot for our email marketing needs, so if you need help setting up this type of system or would like to hire us to do it for you just give us a call. We are partners with HubSpot and are glad to help you.

Here are a few top features that are integrated into the HubSpot Email system:

  • Ability to schedule email work flows
  • Automatic email response to customer after filling out a form
  • Ability to add links to offers in your email
  • View open rates and track email conversions
  • Track views and see detailed analytics
  • To View All Features Click Here

Here is a quick video that explains the perks and extended features of HubSpot’s email marketing software:


2.  MailChimp

If you’re an email marketing consultant there is a high probability that you have heard of MailChimp. It offers a great platform for editing and designing custom emails for your subscribers.

Although MailChimp, in my opinion, doesn’t have the same type of robust software as HubSpot does when it comes to email nurturing, it does offer spectacular email design and graphic features for a colorful and rich email presentation to customers or leads.

Email internet marketing is all about presentation, relevance and personalization. This type of software allows you to do all three quite well.

Here are a few top features integrated into the MailChimp Email System:

  • Ability to view Subscribe Rate
  • Email open percentage
  • Send emails to a specific location
  • Compatible with Google Analytics to track conversion rates through email
  • Beautiful mobile email subscription widget
  • Custom form templates
  • To View All Features Click Here

If you like these features take a look at this video that walks you through some MailChimp features:


3.  Benchmark Email    


Now Benchmark isn’t an email company that might come to mind first for an email marketing consultant but it is definitely worth taking a look at. Benchmark is a fantastic email marketing software with an amazing interface experience for its customers. It’s very clean, easy to use and has a whole lot of professional full blown templates with easy editing capabilities.


If you are looking for a software that is simple and easy to use but gives the user a lot of power of design then you might want to consider Benchmark Email.


Here are a few top features integrated into the Benchmark Email System:

  • A/B email testing
  • Real time reporting
  • Integrated social sharing buttons on email
  • Offers special service for clients with a high email volume
  • Beautiful looking email graphic templates
  • Easy to use email template editor
  • To View More Features Click Here

For extended features and a look inside of Benchmark Email take a look at the video below:


What’s the Next Step?

As you look over these three email software companies keep this in mind: A study done by HubSpot showed that email marketing had the greatest ROI when comparing cost of marketing to lead conversion. Some people may say that email is out of date and doesn’t get used anymore but I have to say they’re simply wrong. With the ability to send and schedule thousands of personalized emails a week to customers and leads (using email best practices of course) it’s a no brainer.

Get started by picking one of these three email marketing software companies and give them a shot. If one doesn’t work move on to the next one. I guarantee out of these three email companies you will find one you are looking for with a price to match your internet marketing budget.

Best of luck! Enjoy emailing! 

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