Link Building Services Should Use These 5 Steps (Tutorial)

October 11, 2013 / by Travis Martin

Puzzle PiecesLink building services can be a mess sometimes. Trying to scourer the web for quality links without falling into black hat schemes or trying to acquire bogus links can be a challenge.

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to acquire clean white hat backlinks with a few proven steps that work.

Let’s get right into it...

Step 1: Know Your Content

Before you can backlink on people’s blogs, forums and websites, you must know what kind of specific content your website has. This will help you direct people back to the right page on your site when leaving a link on a blog or forum of relevant content.

Make sure you don’t rush this part. This will save you loads of time when trying to write backlinks and have a conversation with others on the web. Link building services should spend more time on this step than any other step. Conclusion, know your stuff.

Step 2: Get Your Keywords

Before you start searching for blogs and forums to submit backlinks to it is very important to have a few keywords you will be targeting. This will help redefine your search to find content that is relevant to your site’s information and offers.

For example, if you have a client in the toenail fungus industry and you search for blogs and forums with the keyword hammertoes, you’re not going to find relevant content to leave a backlink on. Yes, hammertoes may be one of the practices’ services, but the closer your keyword relates to the content you’re trying to promote on your site, the easier it will be for you to land a quality backlink.

Step 3: Use Shortcuts on Google

When searching Google use the following shortcuts to narrow down your search for quality backlinking opportunities. For the examples that follow let’s say our keyword is toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus “Comments”

Toenail fungus “Blog Authors”

Toenail fungus “Forums”

Toenail fungus “facebook comments”

All of the words in quotations are what are called search shortcuts (here are a few more search shortcuts for you to play around with). This tells Google to look for content on the web that has something specifically to do with what I have in quotations. Try it out. Use a keyword and add “comments” at the end of your search. You will notice a lot more websites that allow comments will pop up on the search engine results page.

Step 4: Check the Quality of the Site

This step is probably one of the most important steps in the 5 step process because it lets you know if your backlink is being placed on a quality website or not. For this step we will be using two tools.


Open Site Explore is a website that will give you a website’s domain authority. This is an overall score of the quality of the website based from 0-100. When trying to find a quality website you want to keep this score above 40 if possible.

The second tool is This is a tool that ranks your site based on how much traffic it receives in relation to all the other websites in the world. Let’s see if you can guess who number 1 is…..yep, Google.

Simply type in and on their front page search bar type in the websites URL that you would like to backlink on and you will be able to see a score from 1-30,000,000+ . A quality site is one that has a score under 240,000. Quality link building services should know about each of these free services.

Step 5: Leave a Quality and Engaging Comment and Link

After you have done your research you are ready to create a backlink. One thing to keep in mind when submitting comments on a blog or forum is to have a conversation and don’t give a sales pitch. A good rule of thumb is that 80% of your comment should be either thanking the author or telling the author why you loved the blog so much. The other 20% should be you casually referring your site over to the readers.

A good rule I like to use is picturing myself writing the backlink/comment to my mother. If she thinks it would sound like I’m trying to sell her something then throw the comment away. Make it friendly and inviting.


Well, there you have it - 5 steps good link building services should be using to acquire links. Until next time, enjoy backlinking and always remember to have a blast no matter what area of your internet marketing you’re working on.

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