Internet Marketing Tips | 3 Steps on How to Write a Press Release for an Event

September 3, 2013 / by Paige Gilbert

OMG shocking newsHave you ever written a press release and wondered if you’re doing it right? Don’t be shy - It’s a fair question, and one some people are afraid to ask because they think they should magically know how to write a press release for an event. The good news is that your press release doesn't always have to be about shocking news. It can be about an event in your company, it just has to be written well and formatted right.

But if you’re a small business owner who knows press releases can be a powerful part of your internet marketing strategy, you may be faced with the conundrum of wanting to write a press release for an event your company just experienced, but you just lack the time, resources and know-how. Or maybe you’re just a control freak and need to give this blog post to someone in your office and let them take a pass. Either way, we’re going to dissect how to write a press release for an event so you can get your news released across the web and get some results.


Step 1:  Find Your News


The most important thing to know about how to write a press release for an event is that you have to have something to write about. All companies have news and information to share you just want to make sure it’s the right news. You also don’t want to try and twist something into an angle that seems like news if it really isn’t. Instead, here are some ideas of common press release topics that qualify as “events”:

  • Winning an award
  • Company milestone anniversary
  • Reaching a significant company goal
  • Sponsoring an event
  • Announcing a new product or service
  • Offering a free download
  • New hire or employee promotion


It’s probably not hard to come up with what to write about it’s knowing how to do it. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about the format of a press release.


Step 2:  Write Your Press Release


There is a very simple and straightforward template to follow when learning how to write a press release for an event. If you’re not sure where to start follow this format:




This is sometimes the only thing journalists will pay attention to, so you have to do just that – get their attention! Make your headline short and sweet so the reader knows exactly what the press release is about. Search engines like headlines that are 70 to 120 characters. Use title case, make sure it contains your most important keywords and is not a salesy marketing pitch. Sometimes writing the headline last is helpful.




The summary paragraph of a press release is just that – a synopsis of the most important information in your release. It’s typically 1 to 4 sentences in length. It’s a good idea to include your company’s name in the summary because you can link this information to your company’s website.


Dateline and Lead Paragraph


The dateline of your press release should look like this:

City, State (Name of PR Distribution Site) Day, Month, Year


Your lead paragraph should forego any fluff, and focus only on the critical information – the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Ask yourself, why should the reader care about what I’m announcing? The lead should stand on its own and not rely on the headline or summary paragraph for supporting information.


Body Copy


When figuring out how to write a press release for an event you want to know where to put your information. The body is where you can finally tell your story and share your news. Don’t get too carried away though. Keep your tone objective, neutral and to the point. Write in third person and add details that support your announcement, such as a personal quote or statistic. Don’t be afraid to restate your main points at the end. It might feel repetitive, but it’s one final opportunity to share your information. The body copy is typically 300 to 800 words. Paragraphs should be short, no more than 3 or 4 lines. Think newscaster not advertiser.


Boiler Plate


The boiler plate is your “About Company” section. It’s usually the same in every press release.


Contact Information


There’s no point in learning how to write a press release for an event if the media and anyone else interested doesn’t know how to reach you. This information should include your company name, telephone number, website and email address. An actual contact name keeps it more legit too.


Step 3:  Use a Credible Distribution Service


Once you’ve taught yourself how to write a press release for an event it’s time to use a good online distribution service to get it broadcast over the web. Here are a few to check out:



The cost varies depending on the service and the distribution level, but be sure to select a package that will give you some kind of analytical report about how your press release performed. 


Now that you know how to write a press release for an event in 3 easy steps it’s time to get started. If you still would rather have someone else do it, we’re always here to help you with the online pr component of your internet marketing strategy.


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