5 Elements Your Best Landing Pages Are Missing (PPC Addition)

August 31, 2013 / by Travis Martin

twinsToday is all about the best landing pages and how to get them to convert visitors into leads or customers efficiently.

We all want the best landing pages and some companies have them. It takes skill and knowledge to create landing pages. Today we are going to focus on the 5 elements of the best landing pages when partnered with a PPC ad campaign.

Let’s get right into it…

1 – Give Your Visitors Something Relevant

There is nothing worse than searching Google to find a bunch of results that make no sense to your search query, or even worse a PPC ad that leads you to a page about dog kennels when searching for pet toys. Make sure your PPC ad and landing page look like they could at least be related within the same family. Aim for twins!

2 – Keep Your Headers the Same

The best landing pages have the same keyword or phrase associated with the PPC ad header. This will create a great “scent” from your PPC ad to your landing page.

Description of “Scent”: Think of a dog trying to locate a dog bone from one place in the yard to the other. The main goal of the dog is to pick up on a scent that leads him to the end product (what they desire). Same rule applies to PPC ads and landing pages. If the scent isn’t consistent between your PPC ads and your landing pages then your customers will get lost along the buying process.

3 – Make Sure You Use the Same Graphic

If you use a graphic on a PPC display ad or on a PPC Facebook or LinkedIn ad make sure you use the same picture on your landing page. The two things people look at when they come to a webpage is the color red and photos of people’s faces.   

If you decide to us a different photo on your landing page, make sure it is as close to the ad photo as possible.

4 – Add the Correct Form to Your Landing Page

A mistake that I have seen some companies make is asking for too much information on a landing page when it comes to contact forms. Make sure what the visitor is receiving from you in exchange for filling out a contact form is compatible with what you’re offering.

For example: If you’re just asking them to fill out a contact form, then a name, email address and message section should be enough. If you’re offering a download of some sort you can ask a little more about their personal life because you have something to leverage against their vulnerability of giving out their personal information.

A good test is asking yourself, would I fill out this form for what I’m receiving in exchange for my information or does this seem like it’s asking for too much?

5 – Give Your Visitors Something of Value

If I were to see your ad reading  “View The 10 Best Landing Pages of All Time!” and I was directed to a landing page that just had a bunch of pictures of fancy looking landing pages, I might be impressed for a second but soon after I would leave your site. Instead of just showing me pictures you could offer me a download of the top 5 steps to make the best landing pages.

This would give your lead something to take away with them and it will also give you information about how to further your sales process with them.

Watch this video below. You’ll learn some more techniques of how to create the best landing pages for your PPC ads.

For additional tips check out this blog, Personalization Makes the Best Landing Pages!

Applying What You Learned

These elements will help you convert visitors into leads and boost your internet marketing efforts as a whole. A lot of inbound and outbound marketing material can also be partnered with landing pages. Now with all the knowledge you have acquired, go out and make some of the best landing pages on the internet! 

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