My New Mantra in the Form of Internet Marketing Tips: Part 2

August 27, 2013 / by Paige Gilbert

A couple of weeks ago I began to share about the new mantra I found and loved. I loved it so much in fact I wanted to write about it as internet marketing tips. You can read Part 1 here and following is Part 2. Before reading further though, here is the entire mantra so you have a little bit of context:

simplify your future 

Open-Minded and Adaptable


Open-minded means no matter how expert you become, never stop listening and learning


The thing about experts is at some point they were a novice and they would still be if they didn’t listen and learn.  You don’t become an Olympic athlete overnight. It takes training, commitment, falling down and getting back up. A true Olympian never stops listening to their coach or learning new training techniques to become better. The same is true for your internet marketing strategy. No matter how well-known you become in your industry, or how good you become at creating content and rolling in the leads, you have to remain open-minded to trends and change, never stop listening to your customers and learning from others in your industry. This will also help you be adaptable.


Adaptable means to keep your options open, so that when the world surprises you, it won’t be surprising


Internet marketing is full of surprises, usually from Google! The world surprises us every day. You never know when a video will go viral, a respected leader steps down, a new product is released, or what people will respond to. You never know when Google is going to change its algorithm just enough, like it did in the Panda Update, that it affects your entire internet marketing strategy. This in fact happened to us, and we had to be able to explain why all of the sudden our client’s ranking dropped in the search results or why their website was being penalized. Being adaptable means that when Google throws you a surprise update, you aren’t taken aback in the least because you understand how Google works, and you take action by understanding what the update means, how to effectively change your strategy, explain it to your client, and press forward.


Persistent and Present


Persistent means to keep trying until you get what you want


One of the most important virtues internet marketing requires is patience. Learning to write well to your buyer personas, understanding how keywords and SEO works, generating leads and converting them to customers, doesn’t all happen overnight. It means understanding who you are and who you aren’t as a company. It means knowing who your target market is. It means testing strategies, studying the outcomes, and starting over again. It means not giving up even when you’re discouraged that your latest blog post only got two views and zero comments, or your website visits are down this month, or leads are downloading your offers but then disappearing. Try a new blog topic, adjusting your keywords, and changing out the CTAs on your website. Then stick with it for awhile. Persistence pays off.

Present means to see the details of life as they unfold


While learning and adapting, being open-minded and not giving up, it’s also important to not lose sight of the daily tasks that make up your internet marketing strategy. Writing a new blog post, editing a new offer, creating a new CTA, meeting with a potential client, calling a new lead, reviewing the latest reports – all of these things are important details that together have a synergistic impact. Being present each day while having a goal to work towards will keep you focused and energized, and sometimes exhausted too, but confident in the knowledge that you are doing all you can for your internet marketing strategy.


If you don’t have a mantra, you can borrow this one for now to get you started on or redirect your internet marketing strategy. We hope this week’s internet marketing tips were helpful. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have a mantra you live by.


Click here to view the Slideshare presentation where this mantra was found.

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