7 Email Marketing Consultant Tips for Your Next Campaign

May 23, 2013 / by Travis Martin

email iconTake a look at your email marketing campaign, does it seem like it’s working? Are you receiving traffic to your website from your email marketing efforts? These are questions you need to be asking yourself to see if you’re wasting your time spending hours trying to write a perfect email paragraph. In this blog I’ll walk through 7 email marketing consultant tips to increase traffic to your website and increase sales. Remember, email is a powerful internet marketing tool if used correctly.

Tip 1: Offer Something Free!

People love to receive free things. It’s a no brainer that when you compare an email marketing campaign that offers a free download to one that doesn’t you can see a drastic increase in one of the forms…can you guess which one?

Take time to build a whitepaper or other free download. Once your visitors have filled out your email form and have received their “Free” something, they are more likely to respond and become interactive in follow up emails they receive from you.

Tip 2: Use Words That Attract

Using words such as Free, Limited Offer, Sale, Discount and Today Only will entice people to take an action sooner than later. This will help your on-page form conversions as well as speed up the sales process. Use these words in your email marketing campaign and in your form header.

Take a look at this video that explains the 5 Most Powerful Internet Marketing Words researched by Yale University.

Tip 3: Provide Positive Feedback

Users need encouragement, so let them know they’re doing what they’re supposed to. After a visitor fills out a form greet them with a confirmation message thanking them for their submission. This is the first stage to building a relationship with visitors through email marketing. A simple “Thank you for filling out our form” or “Your submission was successful!” shows achievement on behalf of the user.

Tip 4: Create a Landing Page

After visitors fill out your online or email form, send them to a landing page that is relevant to the content you’re offering them. This can simply be a confirmation page that has some of the same photos and text on it as the email form to create a seamless transition to a website page from an email inbox. From here you have more options of what you can offer and show your possible prospect.

Tip 5: Use Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons can make or break your email marketing campaign. Here’s why. If you add social media buttons to your email template you run the risk of viewers opening your email and navigating to one of your social media outlets which may completely direct them off your email  not achieving your email marketing goal, (to have them fill out a form or click another CTA).

Tip 6: Know Who Opened Your Email

Another option is waiting to use your social media buttons on the email confirmation page. At this point you have already achieved your goal of gathering info or starting an email nurturing campaign with that specific visitor so allowing them to navigate off site and explore may not be a bad idea.

Use email tracking software to see who opened your email and who didn’t. Craft an email that gets sent specifically to people who didn’t open your email. This is a great way to follow up and show interest in your possible customers. Plus, it doesn’t look like SPAM if you only send an email out to someone once. A great software that can track this is MailChimp.

Tip 7: Slap Your Logo On Everything!

People like familiarity. When people can recognize your company consistently through the “Sales Process” they build trust and a relationship with your logo based off the service they receive and quality of what you have to offer.

People sometimes never remember what you said but remember how your logo or brand made them feel. Always remember to be honest and friendly.

Now What Do I Do?

Take these 7 email marketing consultant tips and apply them to your blog, email campaign or website. Be honest with yourself when making your email campaigns; would you open your email? Take a personal test first before launching your email marketing campaign to see if you are even convinced at what you have to offer. Email is a very important internet marketing tool so use it wisely.

With that, go out and make some awesome emails!


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