Internet Marketing Tips: Seeing Through the Eyes of Google Glass

May 21, 2013 / by Paige Gilbert

eye close upJust over a year ago the world was introduced to Google Glass, an augmented reality pair of glasses that seemed to be something only possible in science fiction. I remember watching the following video and getting a funny feeling deep down inside. I probably brushed it off as bad Chinese food at the time, but now I know that it was the strange feeling of what was once only possibility becoming reality.


Google Glass opens the door into a whole new world. So let’s take a few minutes to understand what Google Glass is and where it’s going. The launch on April 4, 2012 included this video demonstrating the possibilities of Google Glass:




What is Google Glass?


We now know the video above illustrated more of what Google Glass could become and not what it is starting out as. Google started Project Glass to build a type of technology that helps people explore and share their world. It’s all about sharing your point of view and experiencing other’s point of view – literally. Basically, Google glass is a pair of glasses with a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into the spectacle frames. The glasses put a display in your field of vision so you can take video footage, pictures, search the internet, get directions, and translate on the go.


But, what does Google Glass actually do?


Time Tech refers to Google Glass as a digital sixth sense that will eventually allow us access to all types of information in the form of enhanced content. By using voice commands you’ll be able to search for information about whatever you see in front of you, as well as snap photos or shoot video by command. The frames have the ability to take the recent information from your smart phone and show it to you on a virtual display in front of you. The glasses can also take phone calls and send texts. It’s hard to believe this is actually a real product, but it is and the sky’s the limit for Google.


Is Google Glass for the Masses?


Sarah Rotman Epps, a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research told CNN in an interview “this is not a mass market device” and referred to its current state as being more of a prototype for developers, with Google intending to release it to the general public eventually, but right now it’s a device for excited early adopters. The interview goes on to talk about how the glasses are just doing old things in new ways.


It may be awhile until Google’s dream of wearable technology is adopted by the masses, but in the meantime it is being tried out by Google Glass Explorers – beta testers and winners of the If I Had Glass contest – for a $1,500 price tag. Rumor has it the consumer version could arrive sometime in 2014, but even then probably only to those who can afford a $1,500 wearable device. It’s good for app developers though, who can begin developing software and experiences now to incorporate into later models.  


What are the challenges of Google Glass?


Google Glass may be a real product, and no doubt one that will continue to evolve, but it could take quite some time for it to cause mass adoption. There have already been concerns about privacy, and rightfully so. If you’re walking around with a camera on your head, people are going to be nervous. It was just recently revealed at the Google I/O developer conference – where nerds abounded trying out the new Google Glass – that a photo could be snapped with a wink. Snapping a photo with your eyelid that could then be told to post to the internet may not sit well with people. Somehow, Google will have to find ways to put the public at ease about potential invasion of their privacy.


Google Glass isn’t the most attractive accessory you’ll be wearing either. In fact, it’s actually kind of geeky looking. But Google knows this and has emphasized it’s just a prototype, so you can be confident Google Glass won’t be something you’ll be embarrassed to wear. And you’ll only wear it if you know how to use it. Google Glass operates differently than a smart phone, so it will take some training to figure out. If you aren’t someone who likes to read instructions and value the user friendly, this could pose a problem.


Should We Be Afraid of Google Glass?


I have to admit, when I first learned about Google Glass is just plain freaked me out. It just seems so futuristic. Not to mention the thought of people taking my picture or recording me without me knowing has creeper status too. But change can be scary and this could be Google’s greatest challenge. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, watch this video and get a jumpstart adjusting to the change by getting a sense of how Google Glass feels.



I hope you enjoyed today’s internet marketing tip introducing you to Google Glass. Leave us a comment and let us know, would you use Google Glass? Why or why not?

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