How to Merge Your Google+ With Google+ Local Accounts

May 2, 2013 / by Natasha Hawkins

Merging your Google+ and Google+ Local pages is extremely important for local businesses. Merging your accounts will enhance your search results to include photos, videos, reviews, descriptions, maps, and more.

Steps to Merge Your Google+ Account

Step 1: Claiming Your Listing

If you already have a Google+ account simply login to your account. Navigate to the left side of the page and find the “Local” tab.

Google Plus Local


Once you have clicked on the “Local” tab, you will arrive on a page that allows you to search for your business. Make sure your city is correct, and then type in the name of your business. Click search.Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 4.07.41 PM resized 600

Your company should appear, click on your listing.

Step 2: Manage Your Page

On the right side of the page you will see a button option to “Manage This Page.” Click on it.

(Insert picture)

This will take you to a page that asks you a few questions.

  • Edit My Listing
  • Suspend This Listing
  • This isn’t my Listing

Choose “Edit my Listing.” Or Create New Listing.


Step 3: Add Your Business Information

Once you have followed the steps above you will be prompted to edit your business information. This is what peopel searching and prospective customers will see. Make sure you fill out as much as possible.

Here is a helpful video to help you walk through the merging process.

What You Need to Optimize Your Google+ Local Listing:

Story: This is essentially your business description. It is important that you include your services, any important keywords, and the city you are located in. This will ensure your listing is optimized for search.

Category: We have discovered that categories are somewhat limited. If you don’t find your ideal category for your business choose the next best thing.

Hours: You will be able to add hours of operation for your business. It is extremely important for people listing more than one location to put the correct hours of each location. If you are a physician you may get a call from Google, and if you are not at the location during the hours listed your Google+ Local account may get shut down.

Links: This part is easy! Add your website URL to link it to your account.

Contact Info: Add the appropriate phone numbers, emails, fax, etc. for your business. If you are a company who has multiple departments and want each distinct department to have their own local listing it will be important to set up separate phone numbers for each of your departments. In order to have a separate Google+ Local page and comply within the Google Guidelines you must have separate phone numbers, or separate entrances for customers per department.

Location: Make sure you input your address correctly. Customers who search for you, and find you online will see this location. The worst case scenario is a customer finds you and follows your directions to the wrong address!

Photos: If you already created your Google+ page then this is easy! You can use the same photos. Keep in mind searchers will see these photos next to your local listing in search results.

Video: If you have videos for your company then this is a great place to use them! Videos will show up in search results and be front and center when customers search for you.

Hopefully this post has helped you in merging your Google+ and Google+ Local accounts. Still need help? Contact us today for a local internet marketing strategy! We will set-up your Google+ accounts and much more, so that your business can be found on the internet. Learn more about our internet marketing services here.

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