3 Things Every Employee Needs to Be Engaged and Fulfilled at Work

October 25, 2019 / by Team HaBO

Do you look forward to going to work each day? Do you leave work feeling hopeful and fulfilled? As a business leader or manager of your company, if you don’t, then your employees probably don’t either. And if you do, have you checked with your employees to see if they feel the same way? A huge part of building a Passion and Provision company is creating a space where your employees feel safe, engaged, heard and valued. A place where they can actually have fun while also doing good work and finding fulfillment in their contribution.


The Table Group, in partnership with the Chico Executive Group, brought together more than 1,100 hundred leaders, managers and team members to discover how they can transform the lives of employees through better people management.

Patrick Lencioni discussed the three things all employees, in every company, need in order to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the work they’re doing:

  1. They need to be known by their manager
  2. They need to know their job matters
  3. They need to know if they’re doing their job well

He discusses one particular moment at the event that he’ll never forget:

 A guy who works for the largest hospital in the area, Enloe Healthcare, raised his hand and asked this question, in a skeptical but not cynical way: “I’m in charge of facilities and maintenance. Are you telling me that I’m supposed to go up to my guys who fix ice machines and explain that their jobs make a difference to the lives of the patients?” After teasing him just a little, I explained that my answer was, “yes.” When I explained that everyone needs to know why their jobs matter, he seemed to accept my reply mostly. But what happened next is what floored me.

A woman further back in the auditorium raised her hand, and in a slightly timid voice said the following. “I don’t have a question, but just a comment.” She seemed to be asking for permission, so I encouraged her to continue. “Well, I just want to say that I recently had a baby at Enloe, and, well, I really, really appreciated that they always had ice.”

The place went nuts! Everyone broke out into laughter and applause. The facilities manager was practically in tears. And that’s what this is all about. 

The team members of Half a Bubble Out were in attendance and took away some key points from the event:

“We have to be human, even if the lawyers don’t like it.”

“People long to be loved and you can’t be loved if you’re not known.”

“Each job changes the world - it might not be the whole world, but it could be the world to one person. We just don’t always know what that is.”

Creating a Passion and Provision company can be one of the most rewarding (and profitable) adventures you embark on as a leader. It creates stability, reduces stress and will deepen relationships with your employees and customers.

Sometimes you just need outside perspective from people who are further along in the journey and have learned a few things along the way. That’s when you can find a clear path for success, and, more importantly, have less stress, happier employees, and a thriving company you’re excited to lead and grow.

Having both Passion and Provision is a game changer in helping you build and lead a company filled with profit and joy that leads you to more freedom and greater impact.

Read Patrick Lencioni’s full article “Reimagining Work for a Community in Crisis” and find out more about his experience and insight into employee engagement.

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