Amazon Knows Why Social Media is Important

May 7, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

In this crazy world that social media has taken over, businesses need to understand why social media is important to a thriving internet marketing strategy. There are many businesses that have the key to a successful social media presence.Shopping bag and social media

There are four key things that you need to remember when creating a strategy. Be engaged, create great content, be strategic and stay up-to-date with social media changes and trends.

We all know about Amazon. The crazy popular online shopping website that has somehow landed into every aspect of our lives. How did it do this? Well, it has great control over its social media and it knows the consumer who uses social media.


Currently, Amazon has 23 million likes on its Facebook page. This is because it engages its customers. It does this in several different ways. When it has somebody who has a question or is expressing their frustration with the company it quickly responds with an answer or some other dialogue to help that specific situation. It creates a conversation which is important in social media.

Amazon also highlights products and offers coupons to encourage an increase in sales. Who wouldn’t want a coupon to spend on that Mother’s Day gift especially when you were planning on purchasing it online anyway?!


If you have a Twitter account and you enjoy shopping through Amazon, be prepared for your mind to be blown. If you see a product feature on Twitter and there is an Amazon code included, there is a way for you to add that item to your Amazon cart immediately by replying with #AmazonCart. Genius!

Ok we understand that not everybody can come up with an idea like that, but being innovative and trying to think out of the box with social media and knowing your customers is important. Amazon currently has 108 million followers, why not create a way to connect those followers straight to their accounts?

But what you can do is be creative with your tweets and create your own hashtag to promote engagement through Twitter. Make sure that you inform your followers how to use the hashtag in your tweets.


Pinterest is a great platform for Amazon because it sells stuff. It's able to share pictures of its products without needing a large explanation for why people should buy the products. Sometimes all people need is to see a product and in a blink of an eye that product is in their shopping cart at Keeping pictures vibrant and looking sensational is what attracts people to those Amazon products on Pinterest.

Take a look at Amazon’s social media accounts and you can see why it has a large number of followers and higher engagement. Making social media a priority is important to create a kickin’ internet marketing strategy. Not every social media platform is right for every business but there has to be a few social media platforms that can help promote your business if you do it strategically. 


As you start to create social media accounts for your business, keep track of all the important login information with our free download below!

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