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The Road to Growing Your Business: Expect Twists and Turns - Episode 52 [Podcast]

Posted by Jeannie Brossoit on August 7, 2018

In episode 52 of our podcast, Michael and Kathryn discuss how the road to growing a business is commonly fraught with unexpected twists and turns. Your gut reaction is probably to sweep your business struggles and insecurities under the rug- so if you need a little encouragement today and some helpful tips for the future, this podcast episode is for you!

Man on a windy roadIn This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why no road worth taking is free of 'twists and turns'

  • How to develop goals and vision that have real clarity

  • Michael and Kathryn's personal experience with twisty roads while building their company

  • Thinking tools for when you get stuck

  • How good reference points, such as your community and staff, can help keep you on the right track

"When you are chasing a vision, the road is fraught with twists and turns- it's never a straight line, especially when it's toward something worth chasing."

– Michael Redman


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