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Passion & Provision: Our Journey - Episode 56 [Podcast]

Posted by Jeannie Brossoit on October 11, 2018

In episode 56 of our podcast, Michael and Kathryn share their personal story and faith journey leading up to building HaBO Village and their Passion & Provision® training course for Business leaders. It's a very vulnerable and emotional episode, so get ready!

Michael and Kathryn in the studioIn This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why the concept of Passion & Provision® is an important one for any business leader.

  • The vision that led Michael and Kathryn to make the decision to launch a training site for Business Leaders.

  • Why having a long-term perspective for your business is key.
  • The Bible verses that guided Michael and Kathryn in their decision-making process.


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HaBO Village's Passion & Provision® Online Course

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Topics: Business Development, Passion & Provision