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Finding Your Company's 'Why' - Episode 51 [Podcast]

Posted by Jeannie Brossoit on July 31, 2018

In episode 51 of our podcast, Michael and Kathryn reminisce on when they started their marketing company and discuss their big 'why'. If you've ever struggled to pinpoint your 'why' or had difficulty figuring out how to leverage it to influence your company, employees, and customers, then take a walk down memory lane with the founders of HaBO Village in this podcast episode. 

Man walking on s and ThinkstockPhotos-801824036In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why Michael and Kathryn started their company.

  • Why most business owners struggle to find freedom in their life.

  • The dangers of the 'golden handcuffs.'

  • How to balance preparing and sacrificing today so you can have security and joy for tomorrow.

"How do you find the type of hard work that produces joy and happiness, that doesn't sacrifice a healthy holistic perspective in your life?"

– Michael Redman


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