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Cognitive Bias: You Know What Happens When You Assume... Episode 48 [Podcast]

Posted by Jeannie Brossoit on July 3, 2018

In episode 48 of our podcast, Michael and Kathryn discuss the concept of cognitive biases and break down how biases can interfere with your decision-making, how you lead your company, your communication, and your relationships. If you want to improve your work culture and grow your company, then this podcast episode is for you!

Thinking womanIn This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How your decisions are influenced by your world view.

  • Why making assumptions will often get you into trouble in your business.

  • Examples of situations where cognitive biases often come into play.

  • The Black Swan phenomenon.

  • Why recognizing and identifying your own cognitive biases will help you grow your Passion and Provision company.

"Part of the danger [with cognitive biases] is assuming that you don't have them."

– Kathryn Redman


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References:  Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator (personality test)

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Topics: Leadership, Culture, Passion & Provision, EQ (Emotional Intelligence)